If you’re ready to dive back into this world of multicolored gems, you can play the game for free right now on Games.com. Soar to gem-matching heights in Classic mode, or speed through matches against the clock in Action mode. For even more dazzling fun, bump up your brainwaves with multi-faceted Puzzles, or enter the Zen state of Endless play.

Beautiful planetary backdrops round out this gem of an app. Bejeweled 2 Deluxe includes improved high-resolution graphics , new sound effects, all-new “Power Gems,” and additional modes of mobile casino £1 minimum deposit play. Bejeweled presents the player with a board full of differently colored gems. The positions of any two adjacent gems may be reversed and the object is to line up three gems of the same type, horizontally or vertically, to cause them to disappear. The game’s soundtrack features over 30 minutes of music that can be listened to by inserting the disc into any music CD player. Enjoy one minute of explosive match-3 fun from PopCap Games!

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To play Bejewelled 2 with the same gameplay mechanics as Bejewelled 1 (asin the power gems and hyper cubes don’t exist), go into Play Game when you first load up the game. Bejeweled is a classic abilities game from which few have been like it, with renewed graphics and new game modes, it is once again trying to become one of the most addictive ability games of the moment. In Action, Hyper, Endless modes, the game can guarantee AHM. Finity mode can try to guarantee AHM but it sometimes fails because of the presence of Rocks and Bombs; in this case, the board will be refreshed with a new set of gems, like in Time Trial mode of Bejeweled. This also happens when the player achieves NMM in Action and Hyper modes by hacking.

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Parents need to know that this sparkling update of the old cell phone puzzle is entertaining and safe enough for kids to enjoy, too. Well, all I can say about the tagline is the guys at Popcap love it, so sorry if folk are offended, but I gotta go with them. Bejeweled is a game I’ve never been able to appreciate. It’s largely dependent on what happens to fall in from the top, and not so much on what you choose to do. Sure, there is some strategy, but it’s mostly just a matter of clicking what’s available and hoping that what falls in from the top is good.

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The backgrounds from Bejeweled Champions are designed by Bryan Walton. For high quality versions of the backgrounds, go here. This section is currently under construction and may need to be completed.

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Eventually, however, an Original Mode game will start. Original Mode is the same as Bejeweled 1; Classic Mode with no Power Gems or Hyper Cubes. This code changes the gems to the ones used in the original Bejeweled/Diamond Mine online game.

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You get to play 100 levels of dazzling game and match up the differently colored jewels horizontally and vertically to make them vanish. With every Match-up, the game awards you with points and power-ups to enhance your fun game-play and push yourself into the world of ancient Egyptian wonders. You will experience clean and quite glittery 3D graphics, beautifully designed maps, colorful backgrounds and jewels. In Bejeweled 3, Hypercubes can fall on the game board in several modes including Ice Storm, Diamond Mine, and in the Buried Treasure/Sandstorm, Time Bomb, Ice Storm and Poker mini-quests. Hypercubes can also be found occasionally buried in the dirt in Diamond Mine, where the player has to unbury it in order to be usable.