How to Keep Track of Business Expenses

If you are a solo entrepreneur, don’t use the same bank account for your business and personal purchases. If you only have one, you can link it directly to accounting software to automatically import purchases. Businesses with employees should also issue credit cards to employees to keep expenses all in one place.

Not all expense tracking spreadsheets are complex tools with dozens of columns, categories, and formulas. Sometimes all you need is a simple list of your expenses and this is where a basic expense spreadsheet comes in handy. Companies typically need 100 staff hours per year to manage payroll for every 25 employees.

Excel: The old fashioned, tried-and-true approach to expense tracking

Hosted by Nevada State Bank, we’re a one-stop digital resource center for business owners, executives and entrepreneurs. Looking for advice on starting, growing, or managing a business in Nevada? HoneyBook is a robust clientflow platform that helps you provide interactive online experiences that wow your clients while helping you manage your business without breaking a sweat. You can choose either method if you’ve made less than $25 million in revenue in the last three years.

Our workforce management tools allow managers to take control of their budgeting, payroll, and invoicing processes for improved money management throughout an organization. Expense tracking is a valuable tool for monitoring company spending. You can track your expenses for each employee, each department, or the company overall. For instance, if your company pays mileage instead of reimbursing actual fuel costs, the employee can quickly calculate the difference and add or subtract that amount from their personal budget.

Best For Quick Expense Approvals

You should also be able to create budgets and assign expenses to a specific project to see if you are spending within your means. Tracking business expenses is a crucial part of financial management. Small business owners and self-employed freelancers often struggle with the accounting aspects of running a co… Determining an organization’s profitability at a glance involves creating accurate financial statements.

How to Keep Track of Business Expenses

But one of the crucial factors of ensuring business continuity and financial health is expense tracking. It allows you to control cash flow and make sure all numbers add up. A sound expense management business would also keep track of this and try to reduce it by seeking alternatives to the ones existing. It also helps to make sure you know what actually counts as a business expense and what doesn’t. Business expenses may be tax deductible, so that’s an important reason to keep track of them.

What is an Excel spreadsheet for business expenses?

In other words, you had more cash flowing into the business than flowing out. Even before the pandemic, only about half of small business establishments remained open for five years or longer and just about a third lasted 10 years. But their role in the health of the national economy is enormous and essential. Businesses with less than 500 employees account for nearly half of the private sector workforce, and the SBA’s Office of Advocacy credits them with 44% of U.S. economic activity.

How to Keep Track of Business Expenses

Business owners can also track business expenses through the use of spreadsheets or software specifically designed for small business expense tracking. Spreadsheets and software use computerized logs to track expenses in a similar fashion to paper logs. These forms of business tracking are preferred by a lot of companies, as it requires less physical storage space and records can be accessed from nearly anywhere at any time.


Adopt zero-based budgeting and empower managers to question expenses. Organize quarterly gamification sessions and reward employees who suggest viable cost-saving alternatives. Assess the adequacy of travel expenses, check paid advertising budgets, and document legal expenses to ensure no unauthorized payments occur. Expensify is a great option for small-to-medium-sized service business owners who have a lot of different expenses that need to be approved and reimbursed on a regular basis. They report only being able to upload Uber receipts using the desktop version. Others note that it’s difficult to enter more than one or two expenses at a time.

Certain accounting software either includes or supports mobile apps that enable employees or business owners to scan receipts with the camera on their smartphone. Software in each uses OCR technology, which turns text into machine-readable code. When tracking business expenses, your first step is establishing a dedicated business bank account to separate your business finances from your personal finances. Business accounts can easily generate income statements, helping with taxes. Business expense tracking software also connects to your bank account and credit card, so your expenses update automatically and daily.

Timely Employee Reimbursements

The user’s aim is to only spend what is in each envelope per month. With this expense tracker app, the virtual envelopes turn red if the budgeter overspends in that category, while money left over shows as green. The app was developed with the intent of helping users stick to budget limits without having to place actual cash into real envelopes. But why bother creating a spreadsheet when you can use a template? For example, has a free template for tracking expenses that’s customizable and easy to use. You don’t have to fuss around with formatting or figuring out formulas, just download the spreadsheet, and you’re ready to go.

This lets you focus on your financial goals instead of crunching numbers. For example, let’s say you own a bakery and you’re trying to make a decision about whether shopping locally for your ingredients is saving you money. You might analyze your existing expenses and compare that against product estimates from food service wholesalers. With accurate expense data in front of you, it’s much easier to make informed decisions about your business. Check if your chosen expense tracking software helps your company stay on the right side of local, state, and federal law. Employers can set up their expenses workflows once — after that, they’ll be processed like clockwork each month, saving time and money.

As well as tracking expenses, we send you financial reports each month so you can understand your finances and monitor your cash flow. Then at tax time, we work with your accountant to deliver all the financial info they need to file your taxes. We can set you up with our tax pro team to get your taxes filed on time, every time. The paper method of small business expense tracking involves keeping copies of all receipts; using this method, it is possible to keep track of business expenses through a paper log. These receipts are stored in a filing cabinet and are readily available.

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